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Sunday, 6 November 2016

Autumn Walks and Fireworks

Autumn walks and fireworks
'To wish you were someone else is the waste of the person you are'

November is here which means one thing: firework season! It’s time to dig out your tartan scarf and pull on your wellies! And where better to feel the autumn vibes than in the countryside? This weekend we’ve embraced autumn in the peak district.

We started off our autumnal weekend at the Ashbourne firework display. Before the fireworks began, there were lots of fairground rides to ride! And what could make the night any better than to have a go on our all-time favourite ride- FLASHDANCE!!!

On Saturday we decided to wrap up warm and go on a walk round the quaint village of Tissington. We both wore autumnal coloured doc martens and fluffy socks to keep warm. Constance went for a hairstyle that has been popping up on our pinterest feed for weeks now. The typical spacebuns were spiced up a little bit with a dutch braids running into each bun at the back.

During our walk we popped into the fabulous,vintage sweet shop. There are all the sweets you could imagine from every flavour of sherbet to peanut butter fudge! Mmmmmmmm! We chose salted caramel fudge and bonfire toffee for our bonfire weekend!

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