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Sunday, 4 December 2016

Top Nail Varnishes

Hello! Today we are going to show you our top nail polishes!
To tell you the truth, we have always been nail polish hoarders! We now have collection of over 100 so we have had quite a tough time trying to decide on our top ones! We have split our polishes into two groups: glitters and polishes. Let's get started!
The first polish is the Barry M hi-shine nail paint in the shade paprika. This polish is such great quality and is very thick which means that one coat does the job! The colour is great for autumn as it's a warm orange/brown colour. We got this polish from the clothes show live last year in a Barry M gift bag.
The next polish is a Barry M nail paint in the shade Blue Moon. This colour is a really pretty pastel blue. This colour is great for summer as it's super fun and bright.
This next polish is also a Barry M paint. This is in the shade berry ice cream. This is one of our most used colours. It's really pretty and is a pastel pinky/purple.
The next polish was given to us in a gift set and is one of our most recent obsessions. We think this is from wilko but we can't seem to find them online any more.The colour is a pearly finish pinky/copper.
The next polish also came as a gift. It came in the colour couture yearly 'advent style' calendar. The colour is a pretty lilac/grey. This is probably one of our most used nail varnishes!
Moving onto glitters! Barry M's 'jingle bells' came in a gift bag at the clothes show. It's very festive and i'm sure we will be using this at Christmas! It's made up of gold, red, silver and orange flecks!

This one came in the colour couture calendar too. This is probably the glitter we use the most. It's made up of bright, fun glitter pieces. This is great all year round but would look great at Christmas.
This one was also given in a gift set and we can't find it online! This one is made up of lots of tiny glitter pieces and has quite high coverage for a glitter polish. This is by the academy of colour.
The last one is rimmel colour show. This one is a classic silver glitter and is made up of small and big pieces of glitter.

paprika Barry M-
blue moon Barry M-
berry ice cream Barry M-
jingle bells Barry M-

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  1. These are pretty shades, especially Paprika!


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