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Sunday, 15 January 2017

Best Buys 2016

'I walk slowly, but I never walk backward' Abraham Lincoln

2016 is officially over. So, today, we're going to show you our top buys in 2016. Yes, this post is probably a bit late as these kind of posts are typically written during the first few days of January.  But hey ho! We'll leave all the links for the products down below! :)


Adidas trainers were probably in a lot of peoples wardrobe this year, personally these were one of the most worn items that we own! Not only are they super  comfy but they go with almost anything. Recently I wore them to a 21st birthday party with a dress (stylish and comfy!) Constance rocked the superstars whilst I wore Stan Smiths. Both shoes are super cute and are so easy to wear.

Doc Martens are something that everyone in our family has owned for years...They are so hardwearing, comfy and they look so cool too! In 2016 Constance got a new pair of the classic green ones! The colour is so simple yet so cool and they can be worn with almost anthing- you can also wear cute fluffy socks!

We're sure if you've been into a town or city recently you have seen this coat but it's so great! Topshop's winter coat comes in three colours, a green, dark green and navy. Florence has the green. They are so cosy and comfy they are definitely worth it!

Pandora has been around for a while but it's our new obsession! This year we have got the august birthstone ring, Pandora rose bracelet, Pandora heart clasp bracelet, the birthday charm and the A charm. We think there's something so cute about
the charm bracelets and the simple yet stunning jewellery.


Phones never play music loud enough, am I right? When you're trying to cook or tidy you can never hear the song. This summer we got a Jam+ Bluetooth speaker. They are such a great size and not only have great sound quality but they hold their charge for a really long time (I don't remember the last time we charged it).
This Christmas Florence received a record player. They are definitely coming back into fashion I mean who hasn't pinned one on Pinterest? We also know some other people that have recently got one too! Our record player can play music from your phone/tablet too so you get the best of both worlds.


Reading is so great. No matter how much technology comes into outlives it is SO important that we read-no matter who you are. Not only is it good for your brain, it is really incredible to be taken to another world. This summer our family has been obsessed with 'wonder' by R.J Palacio.
Without spoiling it, it is basically about a young boy with a deformed face who is about to start school for the first time. This book changes you. We even have bought this as a present to someone because we feel this is something everybody
SHOULD read.  
I don't know about anyone else but at our school aerosols are banned, so, we had to find another alternative. We love Hawaiian tropic body mist and Victoria secret spray. The scents are so fresh and sweet and the fragrance stays on for ages!
What are your best buys of 2016? xoxo
Florence & Constance


Adidas superstar

Adidas stan smiths

Doc martens

topshop coat


Bluetooth speaker

Record player


Hawaiian Tropic spray

January 15, 2017 / by / 2 Comments


  1. Adidas Superstar & Dr.Martens are my fav! They're something that you can wear for long long time cause they never go out of date! Also love your new record player xx

    Kaylee 🌛ㅣJK's Dawn

    1. Yes definitely! They are basically the only shoes I wear really! xx


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