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Sunday, 5 February 2017

Zoella Collection!

Hi everyone, we hope you are all having a fabulous weekend! We have decided that we would like to start posting more review and favourites style posts as this is what we love to read! Today, we are going to show you some of the items from the zoella beauty and lifestyle range.
For years now we have been massive fans of Zoe and have been reading her posts and watching her videos for years! So, of course, as soon as she brought out her first product, we had to buy it! All the links for the items will be linked below...

Blissful Mistful~
This is the first item that we tried when the products were brought out. Now, we have none left! The smell is perfect- not too strong but very floral and pretty. We will definitely be repurchasing this.
Soap pop, soap on a stick~ We did not take any photos of this product because it is currently being used! Although it smells amazing on the stick, once it is actually being used the scent is lost quite a bit. However, we are in love with the cute packaging!

Soak Opera ~ This was a product that we used up a long while ago and we definitely need to go and pick up another one! This smells incredible! If you love the scent of the classic collection then you will love this, the scent is not too overpowering but is strong and the scent stays with you.
Lets Spritz Body Mist~We love this just like the blissful mistful spritz!It's Raspberry and Cassis scented.  This one is probably a lighter scent as it's quite fruity (but it's definatley not too sweet). We will definitely be repurchasing this one too!

Bath Latte~ This is the only item we have tried from the sweet inspirations range. Yet again there are no pictures of this because it has already been used up. This smells so sweet and creamy and is like a jelly like consistency. We love it and will be buying this again.
Scooper Dooper Bath Soak~ We actually haven't tried this yet but it's in our cupboard and is ready to be tested! We will be sure to upload a post when we do!

 Gingerbread Village candle~ This year, for Christmas, Constance gave me the gingerbread candle! It smells so festive and just smells like autumn and Christmas... But we are still using in in February!

Girl online & Girl online on tour~ We've had these book for quite a while now but Constance has only just got round to reading them! We loved reading these! Although they are quite and easy read, they are a lovely storyline an really are great stories. We can't wait to read the latest one!
Candy cream body lotion~ When I can actually be bothered to use a body lotion after a shower, this is the one I would reach for. The smell is great and we love the little bursting beads! The consistency is also really good as it's not to oily.

Have you tried any of the Zoella products? Which ones do you like the most?


Florence & Constance

February 05, 2017 / by / 2 Comments


  1. I haven't got a thing from Zoella's collection but I really want to! The only problem is that they don't sell it where I live :(
    Xo Victoria

  2. Oh that's annoying! Fingers crossed that they will be selling them soon! xx


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